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Cellulitis Draining Oil


Anti-cellulite Drenant Oil

Anti-cellulite Drenant Oil

Natural Phytocosmetic Oil formulated from pure vegetal oils, essential oils and botanical extracts. It has been designed especially to fight against cellulite and to eliminate the orange peel skin appearance. Its effective lipolytic and anti-inflammatory action becomes this phytocosmetic in a powerful product to reduce and fight against cellulite in a effective way. It attacks directly to the excesses of fats and it generates a depurative action on the tissue that avoids its accumulation. Also, its high moisturising formula provides smoothness to the skin.

純天然植物成份製成,用於擊退橙皮脂肪,針對去除蜂窩組織炎和橙皮紋,同時消除大腿、腹部和臀部多餘脂肪。有助排毒外,更可滋潤肌膚,變得平滑和柔軟, 預防脂肪的再次積聚。

Application: It is recommendable to shake the bottle before using it. Then apply it with a soft massage on the skin.

Ref. CELTH150 - Presentation: Bottle 150 ml

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