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Body Sculpting Reaffirming Oil Gel

Body Sculpting Reaffirming Oil Gel

A powerful cocktail of natural marine ingredients that leave the skin feeling incredibly smooth. Use as a compliment with slimming treatments. For a firmer body and more youthful figure.

天然雞尾酒海洋成份,可令肌膚光滑,回復容光煥發,同時有助收緊、滋潤肌膚,塑造結實、彈性肌膚。可結合修身療程使用, 塑造更緊緻、更具曲綫的年輕身形。

Application: Apply daily with a gentle massage. To increase its firming power, apply morning and night over the entire body, making an immediate second application in the areas of greater absorption for greater firming effect. Apply to the bust as well to make the breasts firmer. To be applied to skin that has lost elasticity and firmness, and treatment should be continued to improve the sustainability of the tissues and the elasticity of the skin.

Ref. FORTH150 - Presentation: Botella de 150 ml

Ref. FORTH300 - Presentation: Botella de 300 ml


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