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Kapha Stimulating Oil

Kapha 昇華按摩油

Ayurvedic oil which treats body, mind and spirit.

Ayurvedic oil which treats body, mind and spirit

The blend of essential oils, orange and juniper in a base of rice bran oil, provides the necessary balance for people with Dosha (energy), Kapha (earth and water). At a dermal level KAPHA people may have uneven skin: pores, sebaceous hyper-secretion. After regaining his balance with stimulant Khapa Dosha Oil present a balanced skin, soft and cool to touch. A Kapha person is calm, stable, friendly, generous and humble. They enjoy life, but when there is excess Kapha they become passive. They like the heat and eat often, and are greedy. They learn slowly but do not forget. They have difficulty making friends, but those that they have are stable. They often speak little, softly, and like to listen. Structure: physically heavy, thick and youthful. Large bones, broad shoulders and hips. Dark thick and oily hair. Skin is soft, smooth and cool, pale, flushed with the sun. Eyes are large and dark, often prominent. Large mouth and lips, which are pale and well defined. Sleeps well, sleeps long and deep. Struggles with becoming active and do things, but when they do they do not tire easily. Kapha Dosha Stimulating Oil focuses on highlighting all our individual characteristics, ie, in the therapeutic properties that highlight and enhance "what nature has given us."

Kapha 昇華按摩油是治療身體,心智和靈性的古印度Ayurvedic阿育吠陀療法治療精油。以稻米胚芽植物油作基底油, 融合香橙和杜松果為屬Kapha本質 土和水)的人提供必要的平衡。

Application: Apply one drop in each chakra of the client, according to protocol, and / or mix in a bowl with oil 5-10 drops of Ayurvedic Relaxing Oil for the massage.

Ref. KAPTH017 - Presentation: 17 ml bottle + dripper.

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