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Pitta Relaxing Cooling Oil

Pitta 舒緩清涼按摩油

Ayurvedic oil which treats body, mind and spirit

Ayurvedic oil which treats body, mind and spirit

The synergistic blend of essential oils, Peppermint and Ylang Ylang in a base of jojoba oil and rice, provides the necessary balance for people with Dosha (energy) and Pitta (Fire). At a dermal level PITTA people may have uneven skin: Sensitive skin, fat in the T zone and / or dark spots. After regaining their balance with the oil PITTA experience a soft skin and feels warm and balanced. A Pitta person is strong, brave and intelligent. Dominant, very nice when in a good mood, but angry easy if they have bad day. Impatient, intolerant, properly expresses themselves clearly understands rapidly and has a good memory. No excessive heat tolerance, preferring the cold. Their structure: very balanced. Medium height, weight, moderate, somewhat rigid joints, fingers and long arms. Hair is soft, shiny and smooth, when there is plenty of gray indicates excess Pitta. Skin soft and greasy, warm, delicate and very sensitive; blushes easily and tends to have eczema. Freckles. Eyes bright and medium in size. Soft lips, red and fine, weak teeth. Good digestion capacity. Moderate sleep. The essence of PITTA RELAXING COOLING OIL focuses on highlighting all our individual characteristics, ie, in the therapeutic properties that highlight and enhance "what nature has given us."

Pitta 昇華按摩油是治療身體,心智和靈性的古印度Ayurvedic阿育吠陀療法治療精油。以荷荷巴油和稻米胚芽植物油作基底油, 融和薄荷與依蘭依蘭,為屬Pitta 本質 (火)的人提供必要的平衡。


Application: Apply one drop in each chakra of the client, according to protocol, and / or mix in a bowl with oil 5-10 drops of Ayurvedic Relaxing Oil for the massage.

Ref. PITTH017 - Presentation: 17 ml bottle + dripper.

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