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SOS Patch Plus


Slending, Anti Cellulite And Reaffirming Patches. L.Carnitine + Caffeine.

Slending, Anti Cellulite And Reaffirming Patches. L.Carnitine + Caffeine.

S.O.S. Anti cellulite Patch, Slimming and Firming (Continuous action for 24 hours) Double Accion. Until now, in order to get firmer and cellulite free skin it was necessary to constantly apply a specific cream. However, modern cosmetic science provides you with those easy-to-use stickable and effective patches, real allies of your shape that represent an innovative and easy way to fight cellulite.The patches are extremely adaptable and can be applied on critical zones like gluteus, legs, abdomen, arms... etc and can be leaved to act for 24 hour. The patches gradually release fito-extracts that assure a constant contribution of active ingredients that act directly on the cellulite´s accumulations. The patches contain Fucus Vesiculosus (9,3 mg)and they perfectly adhere on the skin.They are invisible when you are dressed. Once placed you can do sports, take a shower, everything that you would like to do.

How Do They Act?

The transdermal penetration of its principal active component, Fucus Vesiculosus, consequently generates: A constant and gradual anti-cellulite action for 24 hours that obtain to reduce adipose tissue of the body and tonify/reaffirm the skin. An Anti-obesity action that BURNS AND ELIMINATES the excess fat and contributes to a loss of weight.In only one month, you will loose up to 3 or 5 kilos. It is advisable to drink lots of water (1,5 a 2 litres) and to do a bit of exercise. A reaffirming action. Those three actions go directly from the epidermis to the dermis thanks to the action of the accelerating agents of penetration.

瘦身和緊實(24小時持續雙重功效)。 瘦身貼釋放的植物萃取全面激活活性脂肪酶, 加速代謝, 墨角藻萃取液(9.3毫克)有助燃燒及去除多餘脂肪,將累積的惰性脂肪層剝離並分解, 再將這些較小的脂肪塊快速燃燒溶解, 通過體内微循環排出體外。 設計貼心別致, 適合整天使用甚至做運動或淋浴時, 也不須擔心影響其粘貼效能。


1. Open a box and remove the lid. Apply the patch on cleansed and dry skin on the area that you want to treat. According to the cellulite degree, apply one or two patches.

2. Leave the patch to act for 24 hours (the patch acts alone without the need of massage). The patch cannot be reused once the active ingredients have been absorbed by the skin.

3. Apply a new patch after 24 hours and continue the treatment for 30 days. Alternate daily the application zone (apply one day on the gluteus. The other day on the abdomen... etc. Do not prolong the treatment for more than 30 days. Repeat the treatment every two month. In order to keep the skin firmed and toned during the months of rest from the treatment, apply our Fortificatore di Corpo to fortify and reaffirm the skin.

Ref. SOSTH030 - Presentation: Box of 30 patches. One month's treatment.

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