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Vata Warm Relaxing Oil

Vata 舒緩熱能按摩油

Ayurvedic oil which treats body, mind and spirit.

Ayurvedic oil which treats body, mind and spirit

The blend of essential oils, cinnamon and camphor in a base of rice bran oil, provides the necessary balance for people with Dosha (energy) Vata (air and ether). At a dermal level VATA people may have uneven skin: Excessive dryness, premature wrinkles. After regaining their balance with Vata Dosha Warm Relaxing Oil they a normal skin, thin with fine pores and cold to the touch. The Vata person is intelligent and personable. They like change, are quick to understand but have little memory, little is concentrated. They are sensitive and make friends easily, but not for long. They worry too much about things and is anxious. For spiritual development. Their structure: thin and light, but his bones may be small or large. The skin is dry and / or cracked and appears opaque. The hair is also opaque. Small, dark eyes. Dry lips and irregular teeth sensitive to cold and sour and sweet flavors. Their appetite is variable and eat "with their eyes." Irregular digestion and menstruation. Vata Dosha Warm Relaxing Oil focuses on highlighting all our individual characteristics, ie, in the therapeutic properties that highlight and enhance "what nature has given us."

Vata舒緩熱能按摩油是治療身體,心智和靈性的古印度Ayurvedic阿育吠陀療法治療精油。以稻米胚芽植物油作基底油, 融合肉桂和樟樹為屬Vata本質空氣和以太)的人提供必要的平衡。

Application: Apply 1 or 2 times a day with a soft, circular massage action.

Ref. VATTH017 - Presentation: 17 ml bottle + dripper.

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