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Concentrated Bio Active Gel. 99% Aloe Vera Juice

Concentrated Bio Active Gel. 99% Aloe Vera Juice

NATALOE is a concentrated bio-active gel with 99% of Aloe Vera juice. Oil free, powerful cellular regenerator with hydrating, protecting, anti inflammatory and astringent action. Combines D-Panthenol, deep regenerator of the skin, with Sodium Hyaluronate, active hydrator. Besides the traditional use for the epidermal problems derived from injury and burns you can use Nataloe to enhance the own protecting accion of the skin.

含高活性的濃縮蘆薈啫喱。 無油配方,具有強大的細胞更新、保濕、防禦消炎和收斂功效, 並結合維他命原B5和玻尿酸組成深層的滋潤成分。此外,亦可用作替代傳統醫藥來治愈和修復因創傷和燒傷等所造成的表皮層問題, 並增強皮膚自身的保護機能。

Application: Apply on cleansed and dry skin, with soft massaging motions. Can be used as treatment during laser hair removing sessions, as post-depilation treatment, after shaving, etc.. Its formula makes Nataloe essential for the problems as: dehydration, sunburns, irritations, etc...Perfect for all the family. Nataloe elaborated with first quality natural products and submitted to the most strict quality controls.

Ref. NATTH600 - Presentation: Bottle 600ml with dispenser.

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