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Queen Elizabeth Water


Revitalizing Alchemic

Revitalizing Alchemic

A revitalizing alchemic made with flowers and a perfect harmony of refreshing essential oils making it an excellent and most effective treatment. Containing only substances of noble origin, it allows its ingredients to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.

Benefits of Queen Elizabeth water: It increases the circulation of the skin’s blood which increases oxygenation and nutrition. Protects against contamination by way of its antioxidants. Also, it cleanses drains and purifies, which makes it very suitable for cases of liquid retention, cellulite and general obesity.

植物精煉護膚產品, 能顯著促進皮膚的血液循環, 並以其抗氧功能保護皮膚對抗污染物。 它能清潔,排水和淨化,尤其適合對付水腫、橙皮組織及一般性肥胖等問題。 純天然花卉水。

Application: Apply by rubbing on the extremities, abdomen and lower back, before carrying out any other treatment. Topical use.

Ref. ELZTH150 - Presentation: Bottle 150 ml


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