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Bamboo Therapy


Body Remodelling with Bamboo Canes

Bamboo Therapy

Reducing and Reaffirming Treatment. Objectives: To harmonize the body and mind. To relax, de-stress and remove fatigue. To moisturize and protect the skin. To stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic circulation. Bamboo Therapy is an Oriental relaxation technique. It is the complete health option for body and mind, by way of exotic sensations passed on by the senses, a method of maintaining the vigour and longevity of the human body.

運用青竹藤進行身型重塑, 修減和緊實的。

療程目的:諧調身體和思緒。放鬆,減壓和釋除疲勞。滋潤和保護肌膚。刺激血液循環和淋巴循環。竹療法是一套富有東方色彩的舒緩技巧。它是進行完全身心洗滌和感受異域情調的經典療程, 保持精力充沛和身體機能的自然療法。