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THALISSI 專有的手法: FTE 穴位刺激指壓療程

F.T.E 穴位面部按摩

獨特的綜合手法,穴位面部按摩結合原創的按摩手法和指壓通淋巴技巧。運用在THALISSI 的面部療程中,能幫助恢復身體的血液循環及強健體能,同時令客人完全的休息, 皮膚達到預備狀態, 以便能最佳地吸收和呈現緊著的療程補充的養分。

F.T.E 穴位身體按摩

FTE 身體按摩包含一套原創和獨有的手法, 巧妙地結合東西方的按摩技巧。



每一步的療程都是以達到最佳效果為目的,並配合 THALISSI  的產品而設計, 創造身體最佳的能量和絕對的舒緩。


Specially designed to enhance the effectiveness of our facial and body treatments, real parentheses pleasure and well-being.

Facial Massage F.T.E

Exclusive global method, the Facial FTE is associated with a very original massage and digit-pressure drainage. Integrated in THALISSI facials, it restores circulation of good energy in the body and delivers a sense of absolute rest, thus the skin is mid-prepared and in optimum condition to receive and benefit fully the effects of treatments.

F.T.E Body Massage

FTE Body Massage offers a multitude of original and exclusive maneuvers, which are associated with massage techniques from East and West.

A selection of techniques adapted to the objectives of each treatment

A true moment of wellness for body and spirit

Each phase of treatment is optimized, THALISSI products with a specific massage technique and maneuvers that optimize performance and relaxation. Our treatments, create a good flow of energy in the body and get a sense of absolute rest.

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