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Geotherapy Body Treatment


A moment of pleasure for your skin

This treatment incorporates the infinite properties of white clays, micro algaes and vegetable extracts. It is an anti-stress treatment that also acts as an anti-cellulite treatment, due to its content in essential oils from rosemary, juniper, hazel, lemon and fennel. A high concentration of wakame, blue and brown algaes etc. enrich this treatment... A moment of relaxation that gives back skin its splendor, vitality and brightness. A moment of pleasure for your skin...

這款護理旨在結合天地中各種自然資源, 例如白泥, 微生物海藻及植物萃取物等並利用它們的無限蘊藏作健體治療。療程不但能作減壓和鬆弛,同時更可以利用當中迷迭香、杜松、榛樹、檸檬和茴香等精油作緊緻纖體的治療。 高含量活性的裙帶海藻, 藍海藻和褐海藻等更能排毒潤膚。。。為肌膚帶來恢復活力, 神采和光澤, 為皮膚注入愉快活能。