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Treatment for Increasing and Toning the Breasts


Natural treatment for increasing the beauty of the breasts. A combination of manual techniques, together with natural concentrated products, achieves an increase in the breasts and reaffirms them according to their needs. Its volumizing action can be attributed to our innovative combination of active ingredients: vegetable oleoresin from an Indian shrub and natural oils rich in extracts. They achieve an increase in the circumference of the breast by increasing the volume of the adipose cells, enhancing the silhouette and improving the smoothness of the bust.

為豐胸美乳而設計的天然護理療程。 手法技巧與天然活性產品的完美結合, 呈現提升, 增大和修復緊緻的驚喜效果。產品突出顯著的豐胸效果歸功其配方中高活性分子的創新組合:從印第安灌木中提取的含油樹脂與含豐富萃取物的天然精油。它們通過增加脂肪細胞的容量令乳房增大, 提升綫條及至增強胸部肌膚的柔滑質感。