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Sea Caresses


Sea Caresses

Because of its delicacy, relaxation and benefits, this massage with shells is ideal for moving the client to another world of sensations. The energies of conch shells has a calming and relaxing effect combined with Thalissi product efficacy stimulates nutrition, oxygenation and cellular regeneration. A benefit for the body and mind...

細膩,舒緩和身心的甜美享受, 通過海螺按摩, 將客人帶往另一個喜悅的感官世界。海螺貝殼的能量釋放出恬靜舒適的效能, 結合 THALISS戴莉絲 產品療效更新身體的營養, 養分和細胞新生。 全面的身心靈享受...