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Pindas & Semi-precious Stones


Treament with pindas and semiprecious stones


In order to rebalance energy flows and put different CHAKRAS in order, we need to open them and exercise them. THE STONES vibrate due to their own energy, helping us to induce and achieve the desired effect. A Thermotherapy SPA treatment that acts over the pores of the skin, easing in this way the action and absorption of the plants and their properties (anti-inflammatory, analgesic, revitalizing and relaxing). With the PINDAS, we achieve a soft sedation that not only leads to a deep relaxation, but also to contain and relieve bothersome and painful sensations, creating a great sense of well-being for body and mind.

為了重新平衡能量的流動和將不同脈輪(CHAKRAS)重新排序,我們需要打開並激活它們。所有黑石都有因自己的能量發出不同的震動頻率, 可以帶領我們進入身體並達至預期的效果。溫熱SPA 治療令皮膚表面的毛孔擴張, 從而使產品中的植物精華更能被吸收和發揮其特性(抗炎、 鎮痛、 振奮和舒緩)。運用草藥球(PINDAS),  我們不僅能鎮靜緩和,還能深層放鬆,更同時釋放煩擾和痛苦的憂慮, 創造身心和心靈的愉悅感受。