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Relaxing - Antistress massage with spices, silk and feathers.

Relaxing Antistress Massage

Relaxing, Anti-stress. A new revitalizing and nutritious ritual inspired by Ottoman traditions to nourish the skin and to perfume it with Asian fragrances. A sensorial journey and an escape for the heart into a garden of spices in bloom... A multi-sensorial massage with herbs and spices. It combines the use of a scarf, feathers, aromatherapy and stretching to achieve a total body relaxation…it’s perfect for nourishing the skin, eliminating tension and purifying the mind. The result: a renovated skin and a total relax sensation.

土耳其式的神秘水療 … 舒緩, 身心釋放。由古老奧斯曼文化之傳統護膚儀式配合東方香薰療法演變而成的身心喚醒與滋養療程。帶領客人流連于洋溢異域香氣的秘密花園的心靈感官旅程… 以草本和香料爲主的多元感官按摩。它巧妙地運用絲巾, 香薰療法和舒展技巧達到身體上的鬆弛…它對滋養皮膚,消除緊張和靜心安神的功效至臻完美。 功效: 肌膚的更新和身心靈的曼妙境界。